Our Origins

Inspired by the India-Irish connection, our food story celebrates authentic regional Indian flavours,
seasonal local produce and offers a wide menu of hearty and healthy comfort foods.

This is fun food, meant for sharing. 

Doolally’s menu was originally created in collaboration with Alfred Prasad, a renowned Indian chef,
having been awarded a Michelin star at the age of twenty-nine.
His unique take on Indian cuisine, combined with Press Up’s vision for quality produce,
excellent service and world class design is what makes Doolally special.

(Alfred Prasad)

Working closely with Alfred Prasad, our incredible team set the foundations for what Doolally is today.

Doolally’s Executive Head Chef, Shloke Chhabra, was headhunted by Chef Alfred Prasad to lead the team at Doolally when it opened in September 2019.

(Shloke Chhabra – Executive Head Chef at Doolally)

Shloke Chhabra is from Kolkata, West Bengal in India. His culinary career started over twelve years ago, when a part time kitchen job led him to pursue a formal degree in Culinary Arts. Through his studies he undertook formal training with the renowned Oberoi Hotels Group, gaining in-depth knowledge in the field of Asian and Western cuisine. Shloke was subsequently one of only ten chefs from all over India to join the Management Training Programme with ITC Hotels. With over 100 hotels, it is India’s fifth largest hotel chain and is a part of the ITC Limited group of companies. Shloke progressed with ITC hotels over a period of six years, working across their different properties from the Luxury Collection chain, gaining accolades and awards as he went.

Following a relocation to Ireland, Shloke has led the team at Doolally as the Executive Head Chef, working collectively to be the best premium Indian restaurant in the country, where his main focus is ‘quality, quality and quality, and making sure we provide our patrons with the finest Indian cuisine using the freshest local produce of this beautiful country, Ireland’.

Doolally has been inspired by the all important spice route which connected India with Ireland,
and has seen explorers return with fantastical stories of busy markets,
street stalls, eclectic tearooms, beautiful colours and incredible people.
Strong political and literary links between Ireland and India have been well documented,
with myriad letters, poems, songs being written by Irish men and women chronicling their Indian adventures.
When it comes to food, they describe fluffy, gently charred naans,
thick, flavoursome curries,
hot pickles and exotic relishes, refreshing coolers, creamy lassis and zingy sharbats
Ireland’s love affair with India is a matter of record, and one which Doolally seeks to pay homage.

Of course, it’s not just about the food, refreshments are just as important.
We have a diverse selection of wines, Indian inspired cocktails, and crisp,refreshing beers all available.
However, we have also spent a great deal of time creating low alcohol and alcohol free options to quench your thirst.
Our homemade Doolally Chai is the perfect warming drink to enjoy before,
during or even after your meal, our team will keep you topped up with free refills.
Sip on some refreshing coolers, try our selection of lassis, or choose from our delicious selection of sharbats,
sweet chilled fruit drinks guaranteed to please.



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